July 12, 2011

Turkish coffee experience in Skopje, Macedonia

We received a message from a Turkish coffee lover in Skopje, Macedonia. Her message is as following:

Turkish Coffee Blog is a great website about this amazingly delicious coffee. Thanks for the good work! :) Turkish coffee is very popular in Macedonia. We call it "турско кафе" (pronounced as "tursko kafe").

In Macedonia, we prepare this coffee as it is done in Turkey.

The cup in the photo below is just like a traditional Turkish one, as I got that one in old Turkish town in Skopje. Actually, our Turkish coffee cups are really bigger comparing to Turkish ones.



Lazar said...

Pozdrav Marija,

zanima me da li se u makedoniji prodaju ovakve šalice?

Pozdrav iz zagreba


Jon said...

Turkish coffee is quite popular here in Albania too. We call it "kafe turke" :)