June 18, 2010

Turkish Coffee Association Launched

I've just learned that an association that is solely dedicated to Turkish coffee culture was launched in Istanbul, Turkey. The full name of the organization is Turkish Coffee Culture and Research Association.

The association is a project of a group of volunteers who believe in the cultural value of our traditional and moral inheritance of Turkish coffee. They want to contribute awareness of Turkish coffee culture both nationally and internationally.

The Association's main mission is stated as “to make Turkish coffee culture as a living value”.

In this sense, they would like to encourage the people and institutes about protecting and developing the values of Turkish coffee which are Turkey’s traditional and moral inheritance and contributing information flow. Also, the Association wants to develop literature and scientific standards and to leave Turkish coffee culture as a value for next generations.

The Association has many projects that excited me. For instance, they are planning to open a physical and a virtual museum, as well as to publish a book on Turkish coffee.

I would like to say thank you and good luck guys! :-)

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