February 11, 2010

Brewing Turkish coffee in cup

An old and interesting way of preparing Turkish coffee is brewing it in a cup. Yes, you read it correctly! :-) Not in a pot or a machine, but in a Turkish coffee cup... In Turkish, this special recipe is called "fincan kahvesi".

There are two alternative ways to prepare a fincan kahvesi:

1) Do nothing (lazy) way :)
The first method is actually is similar to the pot way. Just put coffee, and if you want sugar, as much as you desire into your cup. Then, place your cup on a heating device. Traditionally, the heating device is a brazier, as it is shown on the photograph below. Unlike the pot method, you do not need to stir or do anything else after this step. But, do not forget, the heat coming from the brazier should not be strong. Just keep your cup on the braizer for 2 or 3 minutes. Okay, now your coffee brewed in cup is ready to serve. Of course, you should be careful as the cup is really hot! :-)

2) A little bit hard work way

In this method, you start with pouring coffee (and if you want sugar) and hot water (just fill half of the cup) into your cup. Then place your cup on a heating device. Do not stir; just wait about half a minute. Then pour some more hot water to fill the cup. After this point, you should start stirring. When the cup is fulfilled with foam, take it from heating device and wait one minute before serving.

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