December 15, 2009

Is Turkish Coffee a Special Blend?

So far, I have received many questions regarding "What is Turkish Coffee?". More specifically, people generally asked following questions on this issue:

- Is Turkish coffee a kind of special blend?
- Is it a type of coffee bean grown in Turkey?

The answer of both questions is NO. The difference of Turkish coffee comes from grinding and brewing methods that are specific to this special coffee.

For grinding
You can brew Turkish coffee with any type of coffee as long as it is the finest ground. You should grind your favorite coffee beans with "Turkish coffee" setting that will grind it as fine as baby powder.

For brewing
Other brewing methods force water or steam through the coffee. However, in the Turkish style brewing the coffee is almost boiled. (For more information about Turkish style brewing)

Another issue that can be talked about what makes Turkish coffee different is serving and drinking ceremony.


Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Mahir said...

You are welcome. :)