December 3, 2008

Are Turkish Coffee and Greek Coffee Same?

There are some variants of Turkish coffee. Actually, they are completely same with Turkish coffee. The main difference is just naming! In some languages, "Turkish" has been replaced with euphemisms. For instance, "Greek coffee", "Armenian coffee" or "Cypriot coffee".

Ēlias Petropoulos and Ilías Petrópoulos, Greek writers, explained in their book, Turkish Coffee in Greece, Greek coffee is actually not different than Turkish coffee. The only difference is replacing word "Turkish" with "Greek".

I think there are many reasons behind changing word "Turkish" with some other nations' name. Historical, racial, political... But, at the end, if we are talking about a coffee type, which is prepared by almost boiling finely powdered roast coffee beans in a special pot, we should call it Turkish coffee as it has been called for hundreds of years.

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