December 12, 2008

Photos of Turkish Coffee Cups (Part I)

Here are photos of some Turkish coffee cups to give you a better understanding about real Turkish coffee experience. Please click on photos to enlarge them...

Turkish coffe cups (fincan)
This one shows how a typical fincan looks like... Same cup over a traditional Turkish shawl.

Fincan - coffee cup I'm holding it to give you an idea about the size :)

porcelain coffee cup
Another cup, but this one is hand-made...

Turkish coffee cup

The hand-made cup is over another traditional Turkish shawl.

hand made Turkish coffee cup

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Turkish coffee cup


sp said...

Does anyone know the meaning of a dolphin in a coffe cup. i wished for a job and i got dolphin and the bell but I don't know what it means. thx

Mahir said...


For the complete list of meanings of symbols at coffee reading, you can check out this page:

Regarding your specific question, seeing a dolphin in your cup indicates good news about your wish.

If the bell symbol is close to the bottom of your cup, it means your wish'll become true. If it's not, your wish may happen.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know What a scorpion, dolphin, horse and squid mean