December 6, 2008

Fortune-Telling with Turkish Coffee

You just finished your delicious coffee. Does your coffee experience end here?? If it's not Turkish coffee, the answer is definitely yes. But in case of Turkish coffee, your adventure continues even after last sip of the coffee :-)

Along with way it is ground and almost boiled, Turkish coffee is unique as it allows your fortune to be told by looking at the cup!

Coffee and fortune-telling? I know it sounds a little bit strange. But, reading future from Turkish coffee cup (fincan) is an ancient tradition in Turkey. Also, around the world Turkish coffee is the most known way of tasseography.

The idea behind Turkish coffee fortune-telling (kahve fali) is actually very simple. It is believed that the shapes and patterns left by the grounds on the cup and saucer have some meanings.

Here is the step-by-step explanation of Turkish coffee fortune-telling:
  • The person whose future will be read should drink the coffee. The person should be in a relax mood and drink it slowly. (Actually, Turkish coffee NEVER should not be drunk in hurry! It's a drink for complete pleasure...) Also, the coffee should be drunk always from the same side of the cup.
  • After the last sip, put the saucer on top of the Turkish coffee cup and make a wish. Traditionally, at this step, the person says "Let my fortune match my state!" :)
  • With the saucer still covering the top, the cup is held at chest level and turned counter-clockwise a few times. Then, turn the saucer and the cup upside down (flip over).
  • Wait until the cup cool. Sometimes a coin may be placed on top to make the cup cool faster and to dispel bad omens that could be read from it. Then remove the saucer and look into the cup. Fortune teller predict the future according to the symbols created by the coffee ground left in the cup.
  • Starting from the cup's handle, imagine a horizontal and vertical lines. So, you have four different imaginary areas in the cup.
  • Look at the symbols clockwise.
  • The symbols that stay at right hand side of your imaginary vertical line are read as positive things. The ones staying at left hand side are negative.
  • The symbols staying over the imaginary horizontal line are interpreted as things that will happen in the short-run. The symbols, which are below the line, are believed to happen in the long-run.
  • Color of the grounds has also a meaning. Light color means the wish will become true easily.
  • After reading the cup, the symbols over the saucer can be read too. To do it, first, drain coffee residue in the saucer. Then, hold the saucer vertical, not horizontal, and start to read the symbols. Some people believe that the saucer reading is just to verify things read from the cup.
In Turkey, it's believed that some "special" people can read fortune from the cup better than others. Even there are people make fortune telling out of coffee cups professionally.

There are some common believes about certain types of symbols. However, two different people can read the same cup and saucer in a different way. Because, the crucial point of fortune-telling from Turkish coffee is to put your personal interpretation.

There's a Turkish proverb "Don't believe in fortune telling, but don't disregard it, either!" :)

Here are meanings of symbols at Turkish Coffee Fortune-Telling.

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Anonymous said...

do you have a complete list of symbol meanings for reading coffee grounds? if so, is it possible for you to post it on the blog, i have just had mu coffee cup read and am very intrigued by the symbols and want to know would be greatly appreciated :-D

Mahir said...

Hi there,
Unfortunately, I published the entire list I have. But, the good news is I'm planning to work on a new and a more comprehensive list :)

Jelena said...

It is such a lovely blog you have! :)

It is the whole experience that makes the drinking of Turkish coffee so special, I like how you manage to bring that to focus in your posts.

BTW, I can help you with the list of symbols, fill in some maybe. :) I'll mail you.

Mahir said...

Here's the complete list of symbols for reading coffee grounds.

Mahir said...


Thank you! It's great to know you enjoyed my blog. :-)

I received your e-mail. I'm going to add your contribution asap. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mahir,
My name is Naz and I am writing from Vancouver, BC, Canada. We own a coffee shop and sell Turkish Coffee. I truly enjoy making them for my customers and also enjoy telling their fortunes. I am only able to do it when I have the inspiration. Sometimes people ask me to read their coffee cups but I have nothing to tell them, sometimes I ask them if I can read their cups, since I feel I have things to tell. As you said I don't think there are set rules/shapes to it, everybody may interpret the symbols differently. Anyways I enjoyed reading your blog and will continue to read. All my best, Naz

Turkish Coffee Blog said...

Hi Naz and Canada :)

Thank you for feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed my Turkish coffee blog.

Fortune-telling with Turkish coffee is something personal. So, it's so usual to make your own interpretations.

Good luck with your coffee readings! :)

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog, I am looking for a trurkish coffee reading place in Montreal, do you have any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

hi .. can u please tell me ,, how can i tell in my cup of coffee (that my ex or past love ) will get back to me ?? what is the symbol for that ???

Valentina said...

Hi Mahir, yesterday my aunt was reading my cup and she saw my birth sign thing which is aquarius. What could this mean?