December 2, 2008

Companions of Turkish Coffee

Traditionally, Turkish coffee is served with some special companions:

  • DessertIf you order your Turkish coffee at a good reasturant or coffeehouse, a small piece of dessert will accompany your coffee. Traditionally, dessert acompanying the coffee is Turkish delight (lokum). But, Turkish coffee may also be served with chocolate, halva (helva), cookie or any dessert you like. Generally, dessert is consumed just before drinking the coffee. But, timing completely depends on your choice.
  • Water Turkish coffee always comes with a glass of water in Turkey. Sometimes, mistakenly, water is drunk after the coffee. However, it should be drunk before. The reason behind this tradition is to clear mouth from all other aromas and tastes remaining from previous meal.
  • LiqueurLiquer in a small glass, such as tequila shot glasses, can also be a good company for Turkish coffee. Generally speaking, mint liqueur (crème de menthe) goes good with Turkish coffee.
  • NargileNargile, which is an apparatus for smoking tobacco, was loyal company at old days. Nargile, which has a long flexible tube, and the smoke is drawn through water, is less common today. As smoking is dangerous for health it is not widely preferred by younger generations.
Because of time concern in modern life, people generally drink Turkish coffee without any company. But, traditionally, it is better to start with drinking water, then taste your Turkish coffee with dessert and liqueur.

Personally, I consume my Turkish coffee in this way. Just before drinking the coffee, I drink a draught of water, then drink mint liqueur as shot, then drink a small draught of coffee. I don't drink my coffee in a fast way. I eat a small piece of dark chocolate as dessert company in the middle of my coffee.

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