December 24, 2008

Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine (Photo Guide)

You like Turkish coffee... But you don't have time, equipment or just patient to make it by using a pot (cezve)?? Okay, your answer lies on a fully automatic coffee machine! :-)

In recent years different producers have introduced various automatic Turkish coffee makers. I've tried almost all of them. According to my experience, I can highly recommend you the machine which is called Telve and produced by Arcelik. By the way, you can find the same machine under the company name of Beko, it's completely same with Arcelik's Telve. (Telve is produced in Turkey, so it's a 1200 Watts, 220-240 Volt machine. For use in the US, you need a transformer.)

Telve package comes up with a coffee machine, a special pot, and a spoon. The pot is made from silver-painted DuPont Zytel HTN high-performance polyamide.

Actually, there are two different models of Telve. One model has two pots, which makes it possible to prepare two separate brews with different tastes. I use the model with only one pot, called mini Telve. With this model, you can make up to 3 cups of Turkish coffee at one go. If you're not a big family, mini Telve will be enough :) The photo below shows how mini Telve and the pot look like:

Telve - Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine
How to make Turkish Cofffe by using an automatic coffee machine:
The first thing you've to do is to put your roasted and ground Turkish coffee into the pot. You can use the spoon that came up with the machine. One spoon coffee is enough for per cup. If you don't use the spoon came up with the product, then put 2 teaspoons coffee.

Turkish coffee If you want to add sugar, this is the time. How much sugar? It completely depends on your taste. If you're new to Turkish coffee, my suggestion is to use at least two teaspoons of sugar :-)

Next step is to add water. Fill up your Turkish coffee cup (fincan) with cold water and pour into the pot. If you don't have a Turkish coffee cup, don't panic :) You can also use an espresso cup, sake cup or any porcelain cup.

How to prepare Turkish coffee Okay! You've just completed the difficult part! The rest is piece of cake :) Just press the only button the machine has... When you hit the button, you'll see blue light covering the button.

Arcelik Mini Telve - Turkish coffee machine
If you're making a cup of coffee, about within one minute your coffee'll be ready to serve! The machine will warn you by playing a melody and also turning off the blue light.

Get the pot and take a look at your delicious Turkish coffee :) Hmmmm!
Foamy Turkish Coffee Excellent! Now, fill your cup with the delicious coffee... But don't forget to wait a little bit (between 30 seconds to 1 minute, depending on your patience level :). The waiting will let coffee grounds settle down, therefore your coffee'll leave a better taste in your mouth.

Turkish Coffee This time, I'm serving my Turkish coffee with creme de menthe in a special liqueur glass.

Turkish coffee with creme de menthe
As you'll see, the result is good! The foam quality and taste are really nice. Also, the machine eliminates the trouble of waiting, stirring, and adjusting to achieve the best possible taste. So, I oftenly use my Turkish coffee machine :)

As a result, I definetly recommend this machine.

You can order Arcelik Turkish coffee machines from this blog's shopping section. It's totally easy and 100% secure. :-)

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Ali said...

Great! I love Turkish coffee.
Could you tell me where to find the Turkish coffee machine outside of Turkey. I live in Finland.
Thanks, cheers.

Mediterranean Turkish Cook said...

I never had the chance to try Turkish coffee using the coffee machine and always wondered if the result was as good as coffee prepared traditionally. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Turkish coffee machine.

Mahir said...

You're welcome, it's good to hear that you enjoy the post.

From time to time, I continue to use my pot. You know nostalgia is something good :)

But the automatic Turkish coffee machine really works well. The result is definitely good; you should give it a chance :)

Mahir said...

Hi Ali,
Well, I'm not so sure how you can find it in Finland.

Let me search... If I'll be able to find something, I'll post it here.

K. Braun said...

Very interesting post. I have never known that you can make Turkish coffee in automatic coffee maker. That's pretty amazing.

Mahir said...

K. Braun, thank you for the comment. It's really a simple and an useful machine.

Diana said...

I tried the Turkish coffee made by this machine at the Anatolian Culture Festival a the Orange County Fair Grounds in California. The coffee tasted great, with plenty of "crema" and I was amazed at how similar it tastes to the Turkish Coffee made in the ibrik. I prefer Turkish coffee over espresso because surprisingly it leaves a clean coffee taste after drinking it.

Sara said...

Wow, cool recipes! I am also starting a blog on turkish coffee. Wanna trade links?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the above instructions. A Turkish friend bought me a Mini Telve over from Istanbul, but the instructions were in Turkish and I haven't been able to use it. I have my first cup of Turkish Coffee in front of me now :-)

Mahir said...

Although some old guys persistently underlines there's a major difference between coffee prepared with machine and with cezve (ibrik), I totally agree with you. I think there's not a major difference in terms of taste. They're almost same.

I also agree about preferring Turkish coffee over espresso. Please don't tell my Italian friends :-)

Mahir said...

Thank you! Sure, why not. Please let me know about your site.

Mahir said...

I'm so glad to hear that you were able to use your coffee machine by reading this blog. Purpose of writing this blog is exactly this! Helping people about Turkish coffee related issues! Thank you for sharing your experience

Enjoy your Turkish coffee! :-)

stroma said...


What to do, if the button lights red and buzzes after coffee making?


Mahir said...

At times I've been using the machine, the button lighted red only once. Actually, i think it's reasonless, and then it doesn't repeat.

But, if you always see that red light, it means there's a technical problem with your Telve machine. First, you can try to clean sensor. Actually, you should clean that part after each 20-25 uses. If the cleaning doesn't solve your problem, unfortunately it most probably means that the machine needs to be repaired! :(

Anonymous said...

Hello Mahir,

Thanks for a great post.

It's been almost a year since you posted you review, are you still using the machine?, how is it doing so far?

How much foam does it produce compared to the normal way of brewing the coffee?

You didn't mention stiring the coffee with the sugar and water, does the machine do that automatically or do yo have to stir the mix?

Thanks a lot again.

Greetings from Egypt.


Mahir said...

Hello Ahmed,
It's good to hear your comments about the blog. Thank you!

Also, it's great to have followers from Egypt.

You're definitely right. I've been using my Turkish coffee machine for about a year. I use it almost every single day! :) It still works great.

The amount of foam and the taste of coffee brewed is really satisfactory comparing to traditional way.

You don't need to stir the ingredients. The machine does everything for you :-)

buy coffee makers said...

i want to know where i can find Turkish coffee.. it catches my attention anyway..i enjoy the post!!

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Jacob said...

Hi Mahir,
Can you tell me please how the machine with a water tank (and two cezvas) works. Looks like this is the only model that available on-line.


Turkish Coffee Blog said...

Hi Jacob,

If you meant the Arcelik's two cezve model, actually it doesn not have a water tank.

Could you send me the link of the model you are interested in?

kamel_bite said...

Thanks for the quick coffee lesson. My mum has bought me a single unit home from Turkey to Melbourne, Australia but it only had Turkish instructions! So thank you very much - I'll go and try it out.

Turkish Coffee Blog said...

Hi Mindy,
It's good to hear that you enjoy the automatic turkish coffee machine post.

Why don't you share your experience with us when you'll use your machine? :)

tamara said...

Hello ,
am so glad I found your blog , I love turkish coffee and been trying to find good turkish coffee here in NYC but failed , this is so helpful am certainly ordering it , my only problem is the coffee do you also sell turkish coffee with it ? if not would you recommend a certain brand that is available in the USA? please let me know ASAP. Thank you

Turkish Coffee Blog said...

Hi Tamara,

Thank you for your lovely comments. :)

The coffee bean used for brewing Turkish coffee is actually not a matter. You can use any coffee type you like. The important point is to grind it as fine as possible. At many coffee stores in the States, you can easily find Turkish style grinding option.

Hope you'll start preparing delicous Turkish coffee soon. :)

Hanna said...

stroma (and all of you who have problems with the red button), I experienced it yesterday for the first time. The coffee machine didn't seem to be able to work without the red light going on. Then I got an idea and poured a little bit of water away. I guess I simply put too much water in the brewing pot. Now I always make sure the pot is never more than half full and it works wonderfully.

Hanna (CZ)

Kristin said...

Thank you very much for all the deails posted on the site.
I love Turkish coffee for years but only this year while in a holiday in Turkey discovered they made the coffee with automatic machine.
Reading your site helped me a lot, I just got my Turkish coffee maker and look forward to use it at home after the holiday.
Tesekkur ederim!

Anonymous said...

Hi, nice piece. One question I have before buying a machine is this...

If I run the machine and walk away while it makes my coffee and come back several minutes after it has finished, will my coffee be ruined or not? Will it still have the crema, will it be burnt etc.

We have a hotel and some times get caught up while coffee is being made so this is important for us and will help a lot.

Please let me know what you think.


Jack said...

I was very fortunate to find one of these (used) with 120v for the USA on eBay! It is a remarkable unit! Any idea the best place to get a spare pot?

Turkish Coffee Blog said...

Dear Emmanuel,
I think it's better to serve it as soon as it's ready. However, a minute can be tolerable, but more than that will probably make your coffee bad.