November 29, 2008

Characteristics of Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee has some unique characteristics that make it easily discernible from other types of coffee:

  • It is the world's oldest coffee brewing method, almost boiling.
  • Turkish grind is the finest grind.
  • It is very healthy, as coffee grounds that settle at the bottom of cup and pot are not consumed.
  • Coffee was first introduced to Europe with Turkish Coffee by Turks.
  • It is customary to serve Turkish Coffee with a glass of water to clear mouth from other flavours.
  • Turkish coffee consists of foam, coffee and grounds. The foam helps coffee to remain hot and delicious for a long time.
  • Turkish coffee also cools much more slowly than other varieties of coffee, since it is served in thin porcelain cups. Therefore, it prolongs the drinking pleasure.
  • Turkish coffee is thicker, softer and more aromatic than most of other coffee types.
  • As the Turkish coffee cups are relatively small in size, the amount of caffeine consumed is relatively less.
  • It is the only coffee that can be used for fortune-telling. The fortune is told by inspecting the grounds remaining in coffee cup.

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