October 20, 2008

Turkish Coffee Recipes

Main points of brewing coffee in Turkish style are to use finely ground coffee beans and to brew it almost boiling level. However, there are many different recipes to prepare Turkish coffee. In this blog, I am collecting most-known Turkish coffee recipes as well as some traditional and historical ones. Enjoy! :-)

Classic Turkish Coffee Recipe
Original recipe to brew Turkish coffee by using either pot (cezve/ibrik) or machine.

Classic Turkish Coffee Recipe (with photos)
Mainly the same recipe above, but including step-by-step photos and more explanation.

Rare Turkish Coffee Recipes with
Rare and ancient Turkish coffee recipes using alternative ingredients.

Cavalier Coffee (Suvari Kahvesi)
Similar to traditional one but the foam and serving cup is different.

▪ Mirra
A very strong version of Turkish coffee.

Flirtatious Coffee (Cilveli Kahve)
A historical recipe with a special topping method.

Cocktails with Turkish Coffee
Cocktail recipes prepared with Turkish coffee liqueur/

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