October 20, 2008

Brewing Turkish Coffee

Articles below show the different ways of preparing Turkish coffee.

How to Brew Turkish Coffee
Showing how you can prepare Turkish coffee with either pot or machine according to original recipe.

Photo Guide: How to Make Turkish Coffee
A step-by-step photo guide about how to make original Turkish coffee (based on 8 steps that you can follow easily!) with a pot.

▪ Photo Guide: Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine
A photo guide about preparing your coffee by using a full automatic machine, Arcelik Telve.

Preparing Turkish Coffee in Sand (Kul Kahvesi)
An old and a special way to prepare Turkish coffee by using warm sand. This method is known as kul kahvesi (ash coffee) in Turkish.

Brewing Turkish coffee in cup
How about brewing your coffee in a cup instead of a pot? :-)

Egyptian Style Turkish Coffee Preparation
Traditional way of making Turkish coffee in Egypt. (by Ahmed)

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