October 18, 2008

Turkish Coffee Blog

This blog is all about Turkish coffee :-)
Welcome to the magical world of Turkish coffee, a romantic gift from ancient days... It is not just a different taste in the coffee world; Turkish style brewing represents a lifestyle.

Turkish coffee is about enjoying life... It is not a kind of coffee you can drink while you're driving or working. :)

Who is behind this blog?
I'm a coffee lover from Turkey.  After living in the States (and a while in the UK), I came back to my homeland.

Why this guy is writing a blog about Turkish Coffee?
I am in Turkey and I love coffee. So, I'm writing a blog solely about Turkish coffee. Is it the thinking behind this blog? No. Definetly no! In my case, it's a story of exploration...

Years ago, like most of the other young generation in Turkey, I was not a big fan of this special and historic coffee. Actually, in my mind Turkish coffee was correlated with words like dowdy, out of fashion, obsolete, outmoded... So I thought I've to run away from it to stay alive! I know it sounds strange and ironic, but Turkish coffee is still not a popular drink among youngs in Turkey.

So, how did I change my mind about Turkish coffee and started to write a blog just about it? I explored the magical world of Turkish coffee, when I was living in the States. I began drinking this special coffee in one of my friends home with her insistence. (The truth is she was very pressing and I couldn't refuse :) Actually, that friend was not a Turk, but she knows a lot about Turkish coffee. By talking to her about Turkish coffee and of course drinking hundred cups, my interest grew day by day.

Then, I started to brew Turkish coffee for my friends. After one point, I felt that I've to share what I know about this unique and ancient coffee. That's how I launched this blog in 2008.

In this blog, you can find everything about Turkish coffee. Recipes, history, preparation, equipment, drinking, and even fortune-telling...

Hope reading Turkish Coffee Blog is helpful and entertaining for you! From my perspective, writing here is definetly fun for me! :)

To contact me please send and email: Turkish Coffee Blog

Enjoy your coffee, enjoy your life... :-)

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Anonymous said...

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Turkish Coffee Blog said...

Hello Dave,

Of course. You can buy Sozen mill or Arcelik automatic turkish coffee machine from this blog anytime.