April 5, 2010

Cilveli Kahve (Flirtatious Coffee)

Cilveli Kahve (or Flirtatious Coffee in English) is a historical and special type of Turkish coffee. It is generally prepared in Western Part of Turkey, especially in Manisa province.

Actually, Cilveli is almost same with a regular Turkish coffee. But, what Cilveli Kahve makes different than regular one is its special topping. The coffee is brewed just like a normal Turkish coffee. Then, the coffee cup is topped with almond that is double roasted and ground. Also, two local spices added into the almond to enrich the aroma and flavour.

The almond topping should be eaten with a spoon. Only after that, the coffee can be drunk.

At old Ottoman times, Cilveli Kahve prepared only by young girl when her love visits her family to ask the family to give their daughter as bride. The name of the coffee comes from this ritual.

In fact, even regular Turkish coffee is a significant symbol of the asking family permission for a marriage. In Turkey, people still serve Turkish coffee for family permission visits.

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Jack said...

Wow! It's a very different and interesting coffee. Thank you for sharing this original recipe...