January 11, 2010

Share Your Coffee Experience!

Why do not you share your Turkish coffee experience with me and all of the followers of this blog! :-)

You can join this coffee experience in two ways:

First, you can send me your Turkish coffee photos. While preparing, drinking, or any other exposure that captures you and Turkish coffee... (be creative! :)

Second, I would like to read your Turkish coffee stories. Please write me about your Turkish coffee experience.

I am going to publish all the photos and stories sent by you on my Turkish Coffee Blog's coffee experience section. I'm waiting for your contributions!!!

You can sen an email to Turkish Coffee Blog in order to share your coffee experience with us.


Lazar said...


I sent you a mail a week ago. Did you receive it?

Mahir said...


Nope, I did not receive. Could you re-send it? My e-mail is mahir@turkishcoffeeblog.com. Thanks!

Vlad said...

Turkish coffee is becoming popular in England, as we are seling a turkish coffee here and we are having more and more customers, very interesting but people start liking the traditional black roast coffee.

Mahir said...

Thank you Vlad. It is exciting to hear Turkish coffee demand is increasing in England...

Anonymous said...

HI, This lady did a coffee cup reading for me today. I wanted to know if my partner and I would get back together as a couple..she told me that she could see 2 helicopters. Please advise.