December 22, 2009

Cavalier Coffee (Suvari Kahvesi)

There's a special Turkish coffee type named Cavalier Coffee ("Suvari Kahvesi" in Turkish). It's also called "Tarz-ı Hususi", which means "special style" in Ottoman Turkish, or "Tarsusi" in short. People who live in the Aegean part of Turkey mostly call it Suvari, while people living in Mediterranean part prefer Tarz-ı Hususi.

Actually, Cavalier Coffee's brewing style is almost same with the traditional way. The main difference comes from foam. Cavalier Coffee's foam is less than traditional coffee's foam. Also, it's generally prepared sugarless.

Moreover, it's serving is different too. This coffee is served in traditional Turkish tea glass, which is bell-shaped, not in small Turkish coffee cup.


Anonymous said...

Your idea is brilliant

Mahir said...

Actually, the idea isn't mine. It's one of the historical ways of drinking Turkish coffee. But, thank you for the praise anyway. :-)

shelleymhouse said...

I am delighted to read your posts again! I am a coffee-loving artist, and I linked to your blog from mine many moons ago, hoping you would keep writing about coffee. Happy New Year!

Mahir said...

Shelley, thank you for your comment. It is great to hear you like my blog.

Tough I am really busy with my professional career, I try my best to write for my coffee blog...

Happy New Year too! Hope 2010 will be a great year for all coffee-lovers! :)

Anonymous said...

Mahir, I like your blog. Please let me ask you something: last night i had a cup of coffee and my boyfirend Bulent saw in it a big nice crescent on the bottom and an elephant and turtle on the side. he said crescent is all good. The thing is i am Romanian, hence greek orthodox, so is the crscent still good for me 9e.g predicting luck)? Thank you so much.

Mahir said...

Hi Adriana,
As I mentioned earlier many times, it is really hard to say something specific without seeing your actual cup. However, here is what I can say by just reading what you wrote.

Crescent can mean many different things. In your case, I think you will get news that make you so happy. But, it will take time.

Elephant indicates that you will make progress with support of rich or powerful people who are around you. For the turtle, I can say you will meet with a handsome man (sorry Bulent :).

So, as a general your cup indicates good things! :)